Featured Gilded Nights performer: Benjamin Reynolds

In anticipation of Gilded Nights' upcoming event: A Twisted Night Takes Flight, let's learn a bit about one of the performers that will be dazzling us.


Benjamin Reynolds is a very talented artist who applies a dancer's interpretation to each of his differing talents.  Performing since 2008, Benjamin's resume reads as, "fire-eater, fire-breather, fire-dancer, aerial dancer, and contact juggler".  How did he get to this point?  As a child, his father taught him how to juggle.  When Benjamin was in college, he took it a step further once he joined the circus club.  He expanded his juggling talent by using clubs, and then torches.  Naturally, once he learned how to "play" with fire, he took it further by dancing with it, breathing it, and eating it.  What is more awe-inspiring than a man who can create shapes and movement with intensity in the face of a dangerous element; fire?

As juggling seems to be his "gateway" drug to performing, Benjamin continued to expand his reperitoire with manipulations.  That took his juggling talent to a whole new level; Benjamin was able to learn how to defy gravity by making objects seem to float as he manipulates them around his body.  Adding in his dancer flair, Benjamin is able to captivate an audience with an out-of-this-world feel. 

Continuing with the anti-gravity performance, Benjamin combines his dance talent once more with another aspect of defying gravity- aerial performance. With his passionate strength and complete body control, Benjamin is able to mystify patrons with an air dance that feels as though he is simply floating on air.

Benjamin has traveled all over the world performing and is a member of the Boston Circus Guild.  He has performed at Providence, RI's annual Waterfire festival multiple times and also at numerous Fire and Ice themed events.

With such an impressive scope of talent, it was a no-brainer that Gilded Nights chose Benjamin to be a part of a transformative, magical, and mysterious event.  What talents will Benjamin be showcasing on December 6th ?  Only the lucky attendees will know.